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Nothing’s Better Than a Smile

Posted on June 19 2018

How can there be? Smiles are hard wired into our species.

Think back, way back, to the time when a hairier, grunting, fearful version of ourselves, first saw that the foibles and foul-ups of others could subdue the harshness of their reality.

 Picture the scene: Women, men and children huddled in a cave; a communal fire flickered; shadows cast upon stone walls reflected ever present dread. Then, suddenly, without warning, a glob of bat guano splattered onto Ung’s robust brow.

At first, I imagine, there were smiles, slight and tentative. Then a smattering of twitters and chuckles; growing louder and more intense, until finally the cavern rocked its socks ... even Ung laughed heartily.

Outside the cave, snarling wolves became confused and quiet; never had they heard the din of human laughter. And inside the cave, for those few minutes, humor overcame constant dread.

It was an auspicious moment for humankind and today we are the legacy of that night. Eons have passed, but the power of upturned lips has never diminished.

I mean what’s a diamond worth if it doesn’t bring a smile?

Anyway, that’s our opinion. What’s yours?


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