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ABOUT US - The Authorized Version

The Big Kiss Cards is the culmination of a star-crossed encounter occurring in June 1974, proximate to that region of New Jersey now charitably referred to as “meadowlands”. Then and there, under circumstances too convoluted for brief explanation, closet anarchists, Sherry Binenstock and Larry Pinck were irresistibly drawn together by (i) mutual admiration for “Sky King”; (ii) the 'roast duck lo mein' at Hong Fats; (iii) endearing and enduring episodes of romance; and (iv) salutary doses of ardent carnality.

They were married in the year of the Bi-Centennial and over the next 40 years adhered (more or less) to the lifestyle prevalent among suburban American families during the last quarter of the last century. Although enlivened by an occasional incident of random mischief, the years saw children born and raised, paychecks earned, houses bought, bills amassed. All proof positive that necessity is the mother of convention, like it or not.

Some folks, of course, are secure with conventionality. May they prosper, play golf and be happy. Others, like Sherry and Larry, wake up one morning and say simultaneously (and at the same time) “Hey, let’s start doing what we’ve always wanted to do ... collaborate on a project which gives voice to our mutual creative aspirations. I bet over the next 40 years (fingers crossed), we can build something glorious and maybe make a few bucks in the process."

Thus it came to pass that in August 2016, in Delray Beach, Florida, The Big Kiss Cards was conceived as a joint venture of artist and writer; wife and husband; with all artistic differences subject to mandatory arbitration. The gestation was long and precarious, with two near miscarriages and a difficult delivery. Ultimately in July 2018, The Big Kiss Cards burst forth, robust and ready to take on the world.

For those readers not yet comatose, the founders’ credentials follow:

Sherry is a naturally gifted artist and aficionado of numerous crafts. For reasons never fully explicated, she started her professional career with a BSN; serving the most short-lived tenure in the history of NJ nursing. Any career misdirection was quickly rectified however. First, by Sherry’s creation of a popular custom, hand-painted clothing business (“Paint Your Fancy”) and later by national recognition as an award-winning watercolorist.

Larry first wrote professionally as a cub reporter for the Passaic Herald News. In contrast to his hero, the dim-witted Jimmy Olsen, he produced incisive reportage, heart-warming features and spirited, witty reviews. He wasn’t a reporter for long however.  Assuming prosperity more likely assured in the law, he followed that path. Despite his dubious reasoning, fate fortuitously paid off with a successful 25-year legal career.

The desire to write never diminished however; and since the law often requires its practitioners “hurry-up and wait”, some of Larry’s best work was written while warming courthouse benches. There he wrote poetry and a battery of humorous short fiction, including his published stories: “Ma Joad Pays a Visit to Charles Manson” and “A Brief History of Uranus”.

The Big Kiss Cards combine fancifully finished images with writing that is at once urbane and imbecilic. It is broadly inclusive; accommodating all orientations, including NNE, NSE and even SSW. For Sherry and Larry, artistic beauty and rapier wit are number 1 (okay, numbers 1 and 2). Their inspirations run the gamut from Winslow Homer to Homer Simpson. Although they take no prisoners, they do offer full pardons. When it comes to the slaughter, all stand equal.


So Dear Readers,

That's our story. We cordially invite you to enjoy and share our greeting cards. Also feel free to contact us personally via phone, fax or email (a carrier pigeon license is pending). We’re always happy to talk about The Big Kiss.

For a more lyrical version of our story, click on "About Us - The Musical”. 

Your Pals,

Sherry and Larry